At the end of every year and the beginning of the new year, people often make New Year’s resolutions, in which they vow to do things differently in their lives. Only about eight percent of those who do actually succeed at their resolutions. What does this do to the rest of the population? It means they must find other means to be successful in what they want to change and do. There is a way that can actually be done. It is a principle that pre-dates the time of Buddha, but it is still practiced today by many. It is known as the Law of Attraction.

Many gurus and spiritual leaders have attached themselves to this Law of Attraction. The principle basically means the ability to attract to yourself what you keep your mind on. To some, this may smell of suspicion and mysticism. However, the principle is based on the laws of the universe. It is surmised that man is subject to these laws. Simply put, variations of this law can be found in most established religions. It is just a twist on mind over matter. Whatever a person continues to think will eventually materialize. But, it is not just enough to think something into happening. Other factors come into play.

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When looking at some of these factors of is the Law of Attraction real, the mind is looked on as a canvas. If the person does not like the picture he or she has painted on the canvas, he or she simply should change it, re-paint, so to speak. Emphasis is placed on keeping the image in mind and working towards that goal to see it manifested. The individual must free himself or herself of negativity and all energy that is not positive. Otherwise, the Law of Attraction cannot be of help. The person who subscribes to this attraction principle should understand that the universe is in harmony with the law, thus making it easy for the person to work the principle.

On the other hand, there are critics who still have unresolved feelings about this principle. They deem it as being part of the New Age way of thinking. Some criticize the teaching of the principle about thoughts as energy as being antithetical to the scientific data of the electrical signals making up brain waves. Whether or not the Law of Attraction is based on electrical signals from brain waves or pure thought energy is hard to say. For more information on this idea, though, interested individuals can visit the website

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